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Slate & Tiled Roof Repairs & Replacement

image1As well as keeping the weather out and protecting your property from rain damage, aテつpitched roofテつin good condition will ensure you avoid expensive repairs to the timber infrastucture and interior decorations, as these will deteriorate very quickly in wet or damp conditions. If you have any concerns about the condition or quality of your slate or tiled roof, give yourself peace of mind by contacting CFR Roofingテつnow.

Should you find yourself with a roofing problem,テつCFR Roofingテつwill be pleased to provide you with a free quotation for repairing (or replacing) your slate or tiled roof.

Call:テつ0800 731 6554

Slate Roofs

image1When visually checking the condition of yourテつslate roof, make sure that all the tiles appear to be in good condition, are uniform in size, shape and texture, and none of the slates are broken, chipped or slipped -テつsee photo on right. It is also important to ensure that the top ridge of the roof line is straight and not bowing, and that the overall surface of the roof is flat with no signs of bowing or collapse.

If any of these problems are evident, your slate roof is unlikely to be completely weatherproof and is probably in need of fairly urgent attention.テつ

So if you want to avoid possible structural damage to the house itself, or damage to your house contents and personal possessions, take action as soon as possible as both problems could prove expensive to rectify if left too long.satisfaction.

image1Tiled Roofs

The visual inspection required to check the overall condition of aテつtiled roofテつis similar to a slate roof. Make sure that:

  1. None of the tiles are broken, chipped or slipped.
  2. The top ridge is straight, not bowed, and no ridge tiles are missing.
  3. All tiles are uniform in shape, style and colour.
  4. The slope of the roof is even and consistent with no evidence of bowing or collapse.

Loft Inspection

Don't forget to also inspect your roof from the inside - within the loft itself. If there is any evidence of leaks or wet damage to the loft timbers and roof trusses, then this is an indication that there is a problem with the roof itself. A loft inspection during or immediately after a heavy spell of rain is recommended, as dripping water will be more evident at this time than during a dry spell.

Also check that there are no signs of cracks or visible daylight, and that the inner waterproof membrane is sound throughout.

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