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Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

Probably one of the least liked home maintenance jobs is painting the woodwork (calledテつfascias & soffits) around the base of the roof, particularly as it involves working at height on a ladder. Remove this dangerous task forever by gettingテつCFR Roofingテつto replace the woodenテつfascias & soffitsテつwith long life plastic ones.

Maintaining Fascias & Soffits

Many people do not feel safe working up a ladder, so keeping theテつfascias & soffitsテつaround the base of the roof in good repair tends to be a job that is frequently left until tomorrow, except tomorrow never comes!テつ

The high A-shape at the side of the property tends to provide a particularly hard challenge to most property owners, and one that many would prefer to avoid.

Long Life & Maintenance Free

But help is at hand.テつCFR Roofingテつcan offer you an attractive range ofテつuPVC plastic covered replacement fascias and soffitsテつwhich never need any maintenance. Never need painting.テつ

And they are available in a range of attractive colours to match the existing decor of your property.

Guttering & Downpipes

When changing theテつfascias & soffits, it is also a good idea to replace theテつguttering and downpipesテつas well with a matching colour. Over time, guttering tends to weather and colours fade, so when the fascias & soffits are being replaced, why not go all the way and replace the guttering as well?テつ

You will be pleased with the finished result.

image1Wooden Fascias & Soffits

Some properties may not be suitable for uPVC fascias and soffits on environmental or design grounds, or even due to the owner's preference.テつ

In such an event, CFR Roofing can provide a variety of replacementテつwooden fascias & soffitsテつto match your existing property in softwood, hardwood or treated timber.


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