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image1Commercial & Industrial Roofing

All of the roof coverings above are also used extensively for flat-roofed commercial and industrial properties, with EPDM being the number one choice. Providing 40+ years of life, EPDM is a cost effective solution and is highly recommended as a high performance and long lasting replacement for most industrial and commercial flat-roofed properties.

When replacing the roofing membrane, it is also a good time to consider adding or improving the roof insulation, as this will have a long term beneficial effect on energy costs. Adding roof lights or light tunnels will substantially improve natural light & reduce the reliance on electric lighting, which will also have a positive effect on energy costs.

Housing Association Flats

EPDM rubberised waterproof membraneテつwas used throughout this entire project for a housing association in South Wales, creating a long lasting, fully waterproofed roof that will provide protection for 50 years or more. As this is a cold process application providing a highly effective weatherproof seal and an extremely long life, it was completed in record time, much to the client's image1satisfaction.

Plygene Gutterline for Commercial Roofing

CFR Roofingテつuse the high quality rubberisedテつPlygene Gutterlineテつfor all commercial and industrial properties to collect and dispose of rainwater. This is regarded as the most efficient and cost effective way to ensure a consistently high level of performance and to cure leaks on all types of old and new properties. It is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.


Warehouse with EPDM Waterproof Membrane

Another successful application ofテつEPDMテつon this warehouse roof providing superior protection for the goods in storage, and resulting in peace of mind for the warehouse owners. This roof will not need any further work for at least 40 years. For long lasting commercial roofing solutions,テつCFR Roofingテつis second to none.


Convex Roof Lights for Industrial Roofs

Providing natural daylight inside industrial buildings and factories can be achieved quite easily by installing roof lights, or sky lights as they are commonly known. Convex roof lights like those on the left increase the volume of daylight entering the premises and are extremely effective. Various different shapes and styles are available depending on individual requirements.


Local Authority Flats

Originally covered with a traditional felt roof, this block of flats was completely re-decked and insulated withテつKing Span TR27 insulation, creating a "u-value" of 0.25 W/Mk or less, providing a substantial saving in energy costs. The roof was then covered with anテつEPDM Rubber membraneテつto provide an extremely long roof life, and finished off with new upvc fascias and guttering, all within an extremely tight budget.

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